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Help release a Free WordPress Theme to the community and get thousands of backlinks naturally while boosting your search engine rankings!

WordPress is the most used platform by webmasters, bloggers, small businesses and internet marketers. It is easy to manage anything: blog, a CMS or a portfolio. And that’s why sponsoring WordPress themes is one of the easiest and best way to get thousands of backlinks. What are the benefits of sponsoring a WordPress Theme?

  • WordPress Theme sponsorship is an effective method of link building that may help your SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking
  •  This is a long-term link building strategy that helps you to increase your keyword rankings
  • Theme sponsorship may also help you to rapidly increase your website’s Google Page Rank
  • Your website can get direct visitors from the links

How it works? The sponsored links will be added to the footer of wordpress themes. Footer will be properly protected and the theme will stop working if the user tries to remove the links.

  •  We will prepare a theme for you. You can request also the topic/niche of the theme.
  • You will provide your link details.
  • The maximum number of links per theme is: 4
  • We don't accept adult, pharmacy or gambling and casino related links.
  • We will place your links to the footer of the theme you sponsor and release it on our free wordpress themes network.
  • You will receive backlinks each time the theme is downloaded and used and your backlinks grow continuously even after years, because your links will stay forever on the theme you have sponsored.
  • For maximum exposure we will also submit the theme to 100+ theme publishing sites and forums featuring free wordpress themes.

Why Sponsor Our Themes?

  • You will get modern, quality wordpress themes in the niche you desire.
  • We have multiple packages designed to fit the size and budget of any business.
  • You will get thousands of one way links while being able to give something nice to the WordPress users in need for a quality Wordpress theme.

Interested in sponsoring our themes? Please, feel free to contact us at: for pricing and availability. You can also use the form below to reach us:

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